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Woolmark Performance Challenge (AUSTRALIA) _ Winner


메리노 울에 전통 옻칠 기법을 적용, 방수성 우수한 울 니트 신발 프로토타입


Footwear prototype Ottchil applied merino wool development for marine sports


“Is there any material that is light-weight, comfortable, and perfectly waterproof without using plastic material?” Merino wool is already an amazing material, however, what if a minor flaw can be covered with Ottchil? I conducted a study on Ottchil-applied fibers, convinced that this could be a 100% renewable and environmentally friendly material. The footwear design that I’m going to present, is knitted shoes such as ‘Speed Runner’ from Balenciaga or 4D knitted shoe from Nike. However, a knit yarn will be 100% wool rather than synthetic plastic. An upper will be made of worsted 100% Merino wool and dyed with Ottchil. Mid-sole will be made of compressed wool. This mid-sole will be dipped into Ottchil. Also, construction for this footwear will be a ‘Strobel Construction’. The outsole will be using ‘Vulcanized construction’ which using a mixture of natural rubber and sulfur. After the rubber is cured, it will be moulded with heat.

국민대학교 의상디자인학과

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